The Light Beyond Darkness - Prima Alla Scala

client. Champagne Drappier, France

date. 2021

city. Milan, during the Opening Night at La Scala Opera House

objective. Brand awareness - read the case study

tactics: leverage the awareness and visibility of the Opening Night at La Scala involving two influencer/celebrity to live the pre-event, the event and the follow up, telling a story on their social media in line with the values of the brand. (Credit pics: Carlo Guttadauro)

Sassoalloro Oro at Armani Hotel Milano

client. Castello di Montepò di J. Biondi Santi

date. 2021

city. Milan

objective. Launch of a new product

tactics: partnership with Armani Hotel Milano to leverage Made in Italy and all the values of the brand Castello di Montepò, and of the new luxury product Sassoalloro Oro. Creating an elegant campaign (b/w and gold) in line with the sentiment and history of the Tuscan brand and Giorgio Armani. Organizing an exclusive dinner for media, partners and valued stakeholders with a dedicated menù based on Castello di Montepò's wines. 

Inspiring Venice - Venezia77

client. Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice - No Profit Project

date. 2020

city. Venice, during the 77 Film Festival 

objective. Fundraising PGC

tactics: leverage the awareness and visibility of the PGC fundraising during the 77 Venice Film Festival engaging other stakeholders and brand partners (Hilton Molino Stucky Venice, 1701 Franciacorta, Castello di Montepò, LAMARCA), together with the influencer involved in the Red Carpet thanks to an exclusive visit at the Museum. More about the project on our Blog.

Donnafugata e Dolce&Gabbana

client. Donnafugata

date. 2019

city. Milan, via della Spiga Dolce&Gabbana

objective. Brand positioning

tactics: leverage the partnership with Dolce&Gabbana to include fashion and lifestyle - Fashion Week - as a conversation topic within their community.