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stakeholder relationship management

Take on a new challenge: PR professionals have the opportunity to embrace the digital transformation finding inspiration in disruption moments, to create a new era of stakeholder engagement and relationship management.

As Francesca Concina explains in her article for IPRA - International Public Relations Association "Remote working and digital communications are not a block in building bridges. They are the bricks that support them". 

Public Relations and stakeholder relationship engagement digital transformation leadership co-creation platforms

Case Studies

client. Donnafugata

date. 2014-2019

city. Verona - Vinitaly and Operawine

objective. creare long-term relationship building, CEO branding, community creation

tactics: engage the community before and after the events, and during the events thanks to real time dedicated "theme" moments with VIP, CEO, experts (employees) launching new products, discovering the behind the scenes and enjoying exclusive content.

stakeholder relationship management

client. Donnafugata c/o Studio Arlenghi e Agostini Milano - Glass Art by Signoretto Lampadari

date. 2019

city. Milan Design Week - Fuorisalone

objective. long-term relationship building

tactics: create an event during the Fuorisalone to build strategic and mutual relationship for our clients. We define an innovative walk-around exhibition in an iconic location where to enjoy the beauty of design while drinking a glass of prestigious wine and listening to music for a selected number of participants.

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