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Artificial Intelligence and human creativity

Companies must boost creativity, curiosity, and compassion to succeed using generative AI.

In a recent webinar Professor Paul McDonagh-Smith from MIT School of Management explained why generative artificial intelligence needs to be integrated into soft skills to perform successfully. And why companies have to invest in this direction, making creativity an asset.

We have experienced two digital revolutions. The first was in communication, with analog phones vs. the internet, and the second was in computation, with computers and smartphones that entered into our lives. Now we are living in a third revolution built around creativity.

Human creativity is essential to deliver cross-disciplinary insights and enable AI to generate sustainable competitive advantage.

"It’s not about focusing on the differences between humans and machines but at looking at the ways in which they can be unified and united” said McDonagh-Smith.

Soft skills make the difference also when we think about extended reality, where we need to find connections between the digital and real world.

McDonagh-Smith talks about an "immersive curiosity" that rejects bias weakening the status quo and opening up new opportunities, whether a business is seeking out new target audiences or carving out new segments.

Prof. McDonagh-Smith highlights three to-dos for companies:

- Start now to work on creativity, do not wait until technology evolves.

- Build cross-functional teams, because silos and functional teams do not belong to the digital economy where difference, diversity of thought, and competencies are valued.

- Make compassion an asset. We must cultivate diversity, equity, and inclusion in our digital solutions from the research phase to the design, delivery, and data-informed evolution.

If you are interested about this topic and want to learn more about AI and how to boost creativity in your company, see the video below.



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