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We turn ideas into actions and results.
Do you need to optimize your communication budget to incr
ease the ROI?
Do you need to reach new customers, even abroad?
Do you need to start a journey in innovation? 
What does your company need? 
We are here to help we have a real and concrete plan to achieve your goals.

we do


A strategy is a process,

a client experience and

a combination of tangible outputs.

Strategy is the North Star everyone is aiming for.
It permits the alignment of the organization's activities while focusing the attention on goals. Results become mea
surables, so decisions on investments are easier. Our team's background in strategic consulting, marketing research, communication, digital marketing, public relations, innovation, and

UX design helps a holistic view of the strategy. We can transform it into feasible and concrete actions.


Innovation is a key to continuous improvement and lays in

the creativity that people usually do not express.

Grazie al nostro partner

Be-novative, Singularity Labs Company di San Francisco - Silicon Valley, supportiamo le aziende nella definizione di un Digital Innovation Process e

nel sfruttare la creatività del

Design Thinking e della co-creazione con gli Hackathon.

Il tutto sia in presenza che online.

Abbiamo a cuore le micro e piccole imprese e vogliamo aiutarle a comprendere i propri obiettivi indirizzandole verso un percorso di innovazione culturale, di processo e di prodotto.

People Relations

Companies are made of people.

Stakeholders are people.

It's all about people relations.

We are iper-connected and live without perceiving time and space anymore. However, we are still humans. We need relations, valuable relations. We build bridges between organizations and publics through the most useful communication tools aligned with brand identity and brand goals. Public Relations, Influencer Engagement, Media Training.


The first thing people notice

The last thing they remember.

Your brand is you. It represents you everywhere, especially in the mind of clients. Brand identity is more than an image or a label. It is the world of values that lives inside your company. We take care of your brand identity meaningfully and professionally. First, we analyze your company, clients, competitors, and partners. We identify together with you what are the most important characteristics to build a strong and distinctive positioning and personality. At this point, we can think about communicating the brand to the world, and we work on: Brand Image, Print Collaterals, Product Packaging.


Making moments matter

through experience.

We define and create experiences where people discover your brand and never forget it. We build relationships, partnerships, and valuable synergies between companies that help boost consumer confidence. 


Connect you to your audience with stories that matter.

Today you have to speak and write, shaping the tone of voice based on the media you are using while not changing the message.
Being able to attract the attention of people with storytelling is a job that requires years of experience and method. Our team of professionals are experts in Strategic Copywriting and can work from CEO ghostwriting to Social Media plans, both in Italian and English.

We have to value our employees, they have powerful and disruptive ideas, tools, knowledge and experiences that make the difference. Innovation is not a matter of technology, it's a matter of culture. People must be at the centre of the process.

Francesca Concina

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