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Eric Schwartzman: Marketing in Time of Crisis

When the crisis hits you have to be prepared. If the crisis hits so unexpectedly creating a paradigm shift in the working culture and almost canceling what was “business as usual” in the last decade, you ha

ve to be a flexible and innovative mind and re-think immediately how to adapt your strategy to create your paradigm shift to survive.

What about the relationship with your stakeholders? No more conventions, events, or exclusive launching of products? What about reaching your B2B customers?

In 2015 I had the pleasure and I was so lucky to attend one of the first events dedicated to B2B social media marketing by Eric Schwartzman, who also wrote a book about this topic - and now has a dedicated podcast B2B Lead Gen Podcast (LINK. I had no doubt he would have been one of the first having the right mindset to create a new digital-based media marketing channel framework, ages before the pandemic. Because when the crisis hits, or when things are changing - and they always are - you have to be prepared.

Here is an extract from his blog (LINK) where he talks about Toyota that decided to switch from

traditional media to digital while launching their new model, years before the covid19 crisis “In the past, they’d always revealed their new models exclusively for the news media at the Detroit Auto Show. But the economy was in bad shape, and only a third of the press pool had pre-registered to attend their press conference. At this time, newspapers were canceling their Automotive sections all together. Automotive advertisers were strapped for cash too, and the mainstream press has already started to feel the impact classified advertising defecting to digital media. It no longer made sense to give their news exclusively to the mainstream media. It was time to go direct to consumers with their news, much as the movie studios are doing these days with the movie theaters shut by COVID-19.”

His 20 years’ experience in the digital media world, developing and leading training for companies as the U.S Department of State, Boeing, Toyota, Singapore Ministry of Information, Yahama to name few, makes him one of the biggest experts I had the privilege to learn from.

You have the opportunity to send questions for Eric by registering to our workshop, designed entirely around your needs and expectations.

Eric will reply LIVE on October 2nd, 2020.


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