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Covid-19: Content Strategy, priorities for "phase 2"​

Most of the countries affected by the coronavirus crisis are planning for “phase-2”, aiming to reopen businesses soon. We all know it is not going to be “business as usual” for a long time. Maybe in the future, we will talk about “business before covid-19 | and after covid-19” when referring to marketing and communication history. Nowadays marketers and PR pros are wondering how to integrate the emerging needs of the customers with the brand’s proposition. The debate is ongoing, below some considerations.

“Meaningful” Digital First

During the lockdown, digital channels helped people to stay connected, to access information, and companies to both maintain relations with customers and to run their business – when possible.

If the digital divide is still a reality (in terms of age, geography, social status), as well “infodemia” (the neologism means an excessive amount of information, most opinions from not verified sources or fake news, circulated on the social networks during the covid-19 crisis, which created confusion in the mind of people and in public opinion), we must acknowledge that digital is going to be crucial for any content strategy, no matter the business we are in.

The actions we are taking today in the digital space are building (or re-enforcing) the pillars of our digital trustworthiness. They are the base that is sustaining the relations with our community, our stakeholders.

As I already said in my precedent post, it is not the time for “fake&silly” mad-advertising, because people are seeking reliable and valuable relations with brands and organizations.

Who Are Your People?

Do you really know them, or you just fill-out a “map” found online to complete your “approximated-may-be” stakeholders’ mapping? 

Do you ever reflect about the feelings, thoughts, fears of your colleagues, your team-mate, your employees, your business partners, your international consultants, your customers, your neighborhood community, your Mayor, your Hospital’s doctors and nurses, your trade magazine’ journalist, the freelance who wrote the article in the newspaper you read, etc? 

Stop and stare. It is time to do it, now. 

Because they are all people living in the same situation you are. Facing different challenges than you; can you guess what are the most frightening? If so, what can your organization do for them?

  • MAKE THE DIFFERENCE: How can your brand make the difference for your stakeholders today? What’s relevant, important for them? How can you support them? Small thoughts and small things can change your and their day.

TIP: do not overwhelm people with content that is not relevant or redundant. Silence is a better, respectful choice. 

  • PUT THEM FIRST: Think about them now, and they will remember you later. It is not working the other way around. Every business has a unique opportunity to share value - in a creative way. Museum granting free access to visit exhibitions, fitness and dance club providing classes, shops offering a free gift card or free shipping, professionals teaching tutorials, etc. The more your brand adheres to a specific (basic) need of your (niche) audience, the better engagement you will have. This simple rule is an evergreen, and now should be applied to basic needsniche audience (monitored applying psychological and sociological lenses together with a continuous analysis of the context) and free content and resources, gifts, and discounts. 

TIP: When using digital channels, target your audience (geographically, by age, etc.) so you will better localize the message.

On The Fly

In the medium-term perspective, we will operate in a “perpetual-crisis” mode. We do not know yet the length of the “phase 2” (and “phase 3”), so we must be prepared to act with quick and smart processes and planning. 

The content creation and approval processes have to be short and sharp; people involved always available and ready to act promptly.

Content planning will be subjected to reviews depending on the news (local, national, global) more than ever.

We will create content, operate “On The Fly” and from remote for a long time, so our spokespersons; they need to be trained properly - web news conferences from the house are no more just an option. 


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