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Disruption Moment: When everything seems to turn bad, it is the best time to reinvent yourself.

I always believed in relations, true and valuable relations. That's why my first diploma was in Public Relations, to learn not just how to communicate, but also how to relate with different publics.

A few weeks ago during the lockdown, I've been contacted by Tiago, a member of uppOut a company with the motto: ”We are not scientists, but we are creators!”, and as principles Attitude Integrity Difference Passion Resilience.

OK, you got me.

They have a very #inspiring project DISRUPTION MOMENT #HaveNoFear with more than 40 speakers at the moment - you can find some speeches on their website and YouTube channel.

To subscribe just follow the link on the image, it is free.

After talking to Tiago, he asked me if I wanted to be a guest speaker during one of the webinars. I accepted immediately: the format is quick&easy, no-frills, smart, and useful. UX experience is easy and "behind the scenes" thoughts are all for the audience, the public, NOT for "glittering" the speaker - as most of the time.

I really hope to give tips, ideas, and just to share my professional experience with you during these tough times here in Italy, Milan (Lombardy Region). If you'd like, you are more than welcome to connect on LinkedIn so you can find inspiration for your Q&A and discussion about my "crazy" professional journey.

The previous speakers were amazing professionals from companies as Santander, Unicre, GFI, Galp, L'Oreal, Total, and Best-Selling Authors, Global Medical Doctors, Politicians, Astronauts, Scientists, Economists, Artists (actually ... why am I joining the list? Ask Tiago!)

Below some of their quotes, and a short video to INSPIRE YOU, which is my mantra...hope to see you (virtually) on Monday.

"You have to evolve [...] When it is about an opportunity, people think what they loose not what they gain"

"Everyone needs to know how to feel good with change [...] you are the master of your destiny"

"We can lose our fear by reinventing ourselves. We know consumer demands are changing, so if there are some transferable skills, we have to apply them in a new job"

" [...] are you strong enough not to worry about failure, about becoming bankrupt, not to worry about losing it all? [...] If you recognize you are good enough that you can change with the times, you can do that. you got it."

"If you create really authentic conversations, you can have a major breakthrough"

Thanks to all the uppOut team for the videos and graphic work.

More info on our Instagram @ipr_inspiringpeople.


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Sono laureata in Comunicazione integrata per le organizzazioni complesse, Relazioni Pubbliche e ho conseguito un MBA negli USA.

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