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DISRUPTION MOMENT: Innovation & Digital during Covid19

Full Video webinar: Francesca Concina with uppOut

During the webinar with Tiago, we discussed many themes, from digital disruption during COVID19 in Italy, to trends and human science, to the different work attitudes and approaches in USA and Italy (Intercultural Communication) and more.

Below some highlights and timing, if you wanna just view a few minutes at a time, or what is of interest to you ;-)

min. 1.50 intro about Inspiring People Relations - what we do

min. 4.18 what are the main innovation happening due to COVID19 in Italy

min. 9.49 - 9.18 the need to use digital UX, EMPATHY

min. 10.37 difference between USA and Italy working environment

min. 18.00 - 23.19 the future of Airline Industry post COVID19

min. 25.20 digital trends | importance of social science

min. 28.00 content creation | what is meaningful?

min. 29.00 where to put your marketing budget

min. 30.36 how to measure results - in digital

min. 35.37 the biggest challenge as an Italian during the pandemic

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