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Workshop: Get Ready to Lead through Remote Creative Innovation and Crisis Disruption

A hybrid event: workshop in class and online designed on the questions of leaders about the new challenges of remote working culture, relationships with stakeholders, crisis disruption, cybersecurity and risk assessment. International speakers as Eric Schwartzman (Digital Advisor), Marques Ogden (Business Coach, Inclusion & Diversity), Prisczilla Varnagy (innovation and digital collaboration), Marianna Vintiadis (cybersecurity), Diana Neto Pereira (Transformational Coach) and Francesca Concina (crisis management and stakeholder engagement), will reply live with tools, tactics, and real examples from their experience.

On October 2nd and 3rd , Inspiring People Relations in partnership with Be-novative and Manageritatalia, will hold a “hybrid” event: a 2 days intensive workshop in class for 10 people in Milan, and a virtual workshop for up to 500 people on 2nd October - from 7.30 am-10.30 am EST (1.30 pm-4.30 pm CEST).

The event is designed around the questions, needs and expectations of the participants. While registering, you can submit your questions for the speakers who will reply in real-time during the workshop in an interactive interview with speakers in class.

No annoying presentations or auto-celebration: this event is made to help leaders to face the challenges of the new business world we are living in.

We are living a paradigm shift in the working culture. What was considered “business as usual” has been almost canceled worldwide in a few months. Leaders must be flexible, re-think how to adapt their strategy to survive and achieve their goals.

In this scenario, we are facing challenges as never before, and we must build what Wiley C. Davi and Duncan H. Spelman call in their new book the Uncertainty Capacity[1]: slowing down, pausing, and introspecting to find new perspectives and solutions.

Leading with a purpose, aligning employees to the values of the company maintaining a sense of belonging and rewarding, in a world where remote working culture is a reality, and unexpected lockdown, issues, and crises are constantly knocking at the door, require the help from experts.

Professionals who are working in sectors as digital innovation, crisis management, stakeholder engagement, internal and external communication, cybersecurity, risk assessment, negotiation since ages before the covid19 crisis are here to answer the question rising in your mind. They will share tactics, tools, methods, and examples developed through their real experience.

Do not miss this opportunity.

Register today for the workshop online

and send your question for the speakers!

To register for the workshop in class write to

(10 seats available).

[1] Leading with Uncommon Sense, 2000, Wiley C. Davi, Duncan H. Spellman, Springer, 2020


Prisczilla Varnagy

Priszcilla Varnagy - Be-novative

As an Innovation Consultant and CEO of Be-novative, Pris collected methods from Silicon Valley, Europe, Asia and beyond on how the most transformative and successful organizations in the world are continuously creating a more conscious, faster and more effective way to learn and evolve together with their employees in a digital world. Using these culture forming methods, you can discover and reach new market potentials, design new processes for a more remote culture to ensure stabilization, recovery and future growth. These Collective Creativity techniques will help your participants find the most efficient creative solution to any problem while involving everyone in the creative thinking process from planning to implementation. As a participant, you’ll be introduced to Stanford D-school’s Approach to Design Thinking and learn the mindset and methods required to solve real-world problems more effectively. Along the way, you’ll also discover new tools and templates for idea generation, process and product development, and learn how to overcome barriers to creativity in order to renew and get introduced to new markets. And you’ll gain valuable insights from industry leaders through relevant case studies and examples similar to your own organization.

Francesca Concina - Inspiring People Relations

As a Strategic Communication Professional experienced in stakeholder relations, intercultural communication, and crisis management, Francesca founded Inspiring People Relations, an agency specialized in strategic communication with a strong background in innovation and intercultural communication. Having worked both in EMEA and the USA, while collaborating with and leading cross-cultural teams, also remotely, she will share her methods to innovate corporate culture, integrating agile solutions to involve employees and key stakeholders at all levels. The core of the training is the changing attitude towards unexpected issues or crises, and how to turn all the negative events into business opportunities. You will discover the potentials of crisis management preparation as one of the best tools for reputation management. Thanks to relevant case studies and quick reference graphs, you will "learn and put in practice" a response methodology to arising issues, adapting the language to different publics and channels.



20 years’ experience developing and leading professional development training seminars for entry-level, mid-level and c-suite professionals. He led trainings for the US Dept. of State, Singapore Ministry of Information, Yamaha, Bombardier, National Rural Electrical Cooperative and many others.


Following his NFL career Ogden started a construction company which escalated to being a multi-million dollar construction firm. In 2013 it all crashed down around him, he ended up losing everything. Ogden became a SPEAKER to help others succeed where he failed. As a keynote speaker, executive coach, and corporate trainer his passion is to create value for clients. Ogden’s clients consist of AXA Advisors, The Home Depot, JP Morgan and Chase, to name a few.


Highly experienced professional who worked in EMEA on sensitive business intelligence projects for high profile clients. She worked both in the private and public sector, on M&A acquisitions, international finance security investigation and crime investigation and reputational issues. One of the first professionals in Europe to support clients about cybersecurity.


Experienced in B2B Sales and Marketing on an international level. Communication expert with a great passion for working with people. Currently working in Transformational Coaching, while committed to creating a self-development community with The Zurafa.


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